What paper is used for Marbling?

We mainly use ivory acid-free 120gsm paper,  size 510mm x 760mm long grain. We do however marble onto other coloured papers of mixed weights and grain. 

What Paint do you Use?

We use a mixture of High Quality Artists Acrylic and Gouache

On what surfaCes Can you Marble?

Marbling is traditionally applied to paper, but the same method can be applied to other natural surfaces such as silk, cotton, linen, leather, and wood. We are always interested in any projects or collaborations should you need a design for a surface.

Can I reproduce one of your marbling designs?

All designs by Maiden Marbling are copyright and can not be used without permission or License. Please contact us if you would like a License for a design and we can discuss your requirements.


How can I Contact YOu

You can contact us via our website using the contact form. Alternatively you can reach us at contact@maidenmarbling.com