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What we DO

Maiden Marbling produces marbled paper from our studio in Cheshire UK. We hand marble designs onto paper and textiles using traditional techniques. Our method can produce both traditional and modern designs of marbled paper. We also provide a design service. Our bespoke work can also include licenses and we have worked on commissions with publishers and designers on projects both large and small.  As well as producing marbled paper for customers both in the UK and Worldwide, we also host occasional marbling workshops. 

All our marbled papers are created using high quality artist paint and materials. 

What Is Marbling

Marbling is an old art form dating back to the 12th Century. It involves floating paint onto thickened water. The paint is manipulated into patterns and designs which is then transferred permanently to the surface of paper and textiles creating a unique one-off design. This method can be applied to other natural surfaces such as wood and leather. 

Marbled paper can be used for bookbinding, crafting, graphic design & interior decor.


our mission

We love to reinvent applying traditional techniques, Designing, evolving & Sharing.